A well for the National Police

During the September 2019 trip, a unique opportunity was presented to us to help out the National Police with a shallow well at their headquarters and training facility in La Ceiba. Given the depth of the well, the water is non-potable and will be used for showers, toilets, and washing clothes. LWI drilled the hole and provided the casing. Unfortunately, the well was only 13ft. deep and producing only 1 gallon per minute which was not enough to fulfill the intended need.

In April of 2020, a team of local Hondurans led by Rigo Andino and Juan Rosales were able to return to the police headquarters and with a backhoe dig 17ft. deep and install a retention ring underground. The well now produces 50 gallons per minute. The well serves approximately 80 national police officers, command staff and recruit trainees.

Trip Dates Depth (ft) Gallons Per Min. Casing Size Village Name Population VBS Attend. Tank Power Source Well Cost Movie Attend. Notes
September 2019 17 50 4” National Police

La Ceiba

80 Electric April 2020, dug with backhoe and installed water retention ring.